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Het-or-Homo.gay uses an algorithm that can detect homo-sexuals by analysing the structure of a person's face. Some human beings have a strong “Gaydar” – the ability to sense who is a homo-sexual – the algorithm is just a technical im-plementation of detecting certain key features of a homo-sexual face – just like normal humans would who have a strong Gaydar. The algorithm was de-veloped by professor Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang from the private Stan-Ford University in the United States of America (USA) in 2017 and de-tects sexual orientation in pictures even better than humans can.

Just up-load any person's picture right be-low and see the result of the Stan-Ford algorithm im-mediately after clicking the “submit” button on this web page: het or homo? The algorithm will let you know!

On the web-site www.outed.gay you can find a list of already outed figures of public inter-est from the fields of 1.) politics, 2.) finance, 3.) music, and 4.) sports who are homo-sexuals: „let's get real and talk about sexual orientation.“ We need that debate about honesty now!

Carl Philipp Trump (CPT) 2020 in Berlin

1.) Radical Do-Gooder Political Efforts: Punishing idiotic in-sane bad im-moral Mafia Fucks in historical Proportions with the maximum Punishment The Punishment – permanent Torture with maximum Intensity

Carl Philipp Trump from Berlin, Germany is the founder of the radical do-gooder political party Gut-Menschen.Party (German for ‘Good Human Being Party’) and an in-fluencer who streams his daily attempts to im-prove the world live for ~12-16 hours every day on Gut-Mensch.TV – especially focused on fighting the mafia and ending our global mafia-capitalism-fascism-system.

Carl sees that all currently existing suffering of human beings on our wonder-full blue planet Earth is caused by only ~0.1% of the global population – about 8 million idiotic in-sane bad im-moral mafia fucks – that 1.) commit gang criminality, effectively 2.) operate a conspiracy against the rest of the population of the 99.9% of human beings, and 3.) just do not care at all for human beings – but instead just try to solely enrich them-selves as much as possible – no matter how much suffering they are causing for human beings in the process.

He, there-fore, demands that all idiotic in-sane bad im-moral mafia fucks are 1.) identified using modern intelligence methods and 2.) punished by an inter-national effort of all lovely military personnel with the maximum punishment – the truely historic The Punishment – permanent torture with maximum intensity for every-one who has committed at least one im-moral act in his miserable existence – re-placing meaning-less prison sentences – for their total treason of the intelligent human nature – 1.) love, 2.) morality, 3.) logic, 4.) pleasure, 5.) justice, 6.) meaning, 7.) beauty, 8.) truth, 9.) free-dom, 10.) honesty, 11.) humour and 12.) taste – by doing 1.) intentionally and 2.) the wrong thing.

You can find out more on his extra campaign web site Gut-Menschen.org.

2.) Educational Back-Ground of Studying at the best Universities in the World for Social Sciences

Carl Philipp Trump holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Inter-National Relations from the prestigious public London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the United King-Dom (UK) – ranked by the Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking #8 of the best Universitäten in the world for social sciences. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science (major) and Sociology (minor) from the prestigious public Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU) – ranked by the Times Higher Education (THE) Ranking #64 of the best Universitäten in the world for social sciences – in Germany. Carl spent his semester ab-road in his Bachelor program as a visiting student at the prestigious private Ivy League Columbia University in the City of New York – ranked by the Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) #15 of the best Universitäten in the world for social sciences – in the United States of America (USA).

Be-fore studying Carl Philipp Trump went to the prestigious Catholic Gymnasium Canisius-Kolleg Berlin run by the Catholic Society of Jesus (Jesuits). In total he went 13 years to Catholic private schools in Berlin also going to the oldest Catholic school in Berlin for elementary school Grund-Schule – the Catholic elementary school Grund-Schule Saint Ursula founded by the Catholic Order of Saint Ursula (Ursulines). Despite his Catholic up-bringing Carl left the Catholic Church in 2009 as he is an a-theist and is not willing to sup-port an inter-national 1.) child-sex, 2.) fraud, 3.) protection money and 4.) money laundering mafia business.

3.) Private Family Life: German Cousin of Donald Trump

Carl Philipp Trump is through his father – the dentist and entre-preneur in Berlin, Germany – Dr Martin Trump related with the former president of the United States of America (USA) Donald Trump. As Carl's parents di-vorced after 20 years of being together when he was six years old he still never personally met his cousin Donald be-fore be-cause he grew up with his mother Gabriele Gärtner-Trump who was also a dentist in Berlin for more than 40 years but re-tired mean-while. Only his father flew every few years in the United States of America (USA) to visit the Trump family there who migrated once from the small German town Kall-Stadt where Carl's father was born and also spent his youth be-fore he moved to Berlin to study at the university meeting Carl's mother there.

1.) Media Coverage of the first Algorithm Release by the Professor Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang in 2017

1.) New AI can guess whether you're gay or straight from a photo-graph – by the British The Guardian – 8th of September 2017.
2.) A.I. can detect the sexual orientation of a person based on one photo, research shows – by the US-American CNBC – 8th of September 2017.
3.) LGBT groups denounce 'dangerous' AI that uses your face to guess sexuality – by the British The Guardian – 9th of September 2017.
4.) 8.) – by the British The Economist – 9th of September 2017.
5.) Why Stan-Ford Researchers Tried to Create a ‘Gaydar’ Machine – by the US-American The New York Times – 10th of September 2017.
6.) Row over AI that 'identifies gay faces' – by the British British Broad-Casting Corporation (BBC) – 11th of September 2017.
7.) Researchers use facial recognition tools to predict sexual orientation. LGBT groups aren’t happy. – by the US-American The Washington Post – 12th of September 2017.
8.) The AI That Predicts Your Sexual Orientation Simply By Looking At Your Face – by the US-American Forbes – 28th of September 2017.

2.) Media Coverage featuring the outing of relevant Homo-Sexuals of public Inter-Est by Carl Philipp Trump 2023

To be seen.

You can follow Carl Philipp Trump (CPT) – the founder of the radical do-gooder political party Gut-Menschen.Party – free of charge on Gut-Mensch.TV. He aims to be the most transparent politician out there: Carl, there-fore, streams his daily efforts to improve living conditions for all human beings on our wonder-full blue planet Earth via a new wealth tax of 100% above a net-worth of 230,000 euro per person for ~12-16 hours every day (week-ends included):

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1.) Things to keep in Mind when dealing with the Results of the Het-or-Homo.gay Algorithm

Het-or-Homo.gay is made available free of charge for every-body on our wonder-full blue planet Earth. It is a non-commercial project out of scientific inter-subjetive inter-est in shaping the global de-bate sur-rounding honesty when it comes to sexuality. The algorithm is not perfect and struggles with

1.) people who wear glasses,
2.) people wearing hats,
3.) images where parts of the face are not shown,
4.) pictures showing multiple people, and
5.) images with-out human beings as the algorithm just always calculates a result – even if the picture clearly does not even show any human face at all –

so try multiple images from multiple angles when you doubt the re-sults – best is certainly just a straight-for-ward portrait photo – and try to avoid any dis-tracting objects close to the face: in any case, as the algorithm currently is not building a full 3D model out of a person's face to assess the person's sexuality we need to further im-prove the algorithm in this regard in the future to make it even better in accurately de-tecting a person's sexuality.

It is best to just under-stand the results as a slightly better way than just randomly guessing – but it still might be necessary to in-vestigate further when you doubt the results. Some results might even be out-right wrong. So use Het-or-Homo.gay at your own risk. Carl Philipp Trump does not take any re-sponsibility for the accuracy of the re-sults as he has just hired some-one to put the Kosinski & Wang algorithm on a public web-site. Have fun and let's have this very im-portant debate for our global society: a bright future awaits us.

2.) Contact Carl Philipp Trump for 1. Feed-Back, 2. constructive Criticism, and 3. what-ever you would like to share

Carl Philipp Trump
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Smart Phone: 0041 772 826 334
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